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Gianluca Cusatis, PhD

Professor, Northwestern University


Dr. Cusatis is a faculty member of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Northwestern University. Prior to joining Northwestern in 2011, he worked at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for 6 years. He obtained his "Laurea" degree (BS+MS degree) and his PhD degree in structural engineering from Politecnico Di Milano (Italy). He teaches courses of the civil engineering curriculum and performs research in the field of experimental, computational and applied mechanics, with emphasis on heterogeneous and quasi-brittle infrastructure materials. Dr. Cusatis is a member of ASCE and ACI and active in several technical committees. He serves as the chair of the ACI 209 committee on creep and shrinkage and he served as chair of ACI 446 on fracture mechanics. Furthermore, he serves as treasurer for IA-FraMCoS, president for IA-ConCreep, and he is a member of the EMI Board of Governors. Finally, he was recently awarded the prestigious EMI Fellow membership grade.

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